This trip so far has been a lot of fun, but not without it’s share of problems. Wahab decided to write down a few of these problems (along with our solutions) in a Struggle Log.


Day 1


Struggle #1: We can’t fit all our stuff/people in one car.

Solution: We’ll have to take two. Bonus struggle: Deciding on drivers and who rides in which car. Also, this means less bonding time!


Struggle #2: The Santa Fe won’t start.

Solution: Ahmed yelled “Bismillah!” and slapped the engine. Like a boss.


Struggle #3: My legs are cramping =(

Solution: …


Struggle #4: We can’t figure out how to use the camera. Or Maha can’t that is.

Solution: Maha won’t be taking pictures anymore.


Struggle #5: There aren’t enough outlets for our laptops at the hotel.

Solution: I disconnected a lamp.


Struggle #6: Nusaibah doesn’t like the dark due to the disconnected lamp.

Solution: She learned to deal with it. Then Ahmed dragged in the biggest lamp we ever done seen.


Struggle #7: Ahmed’s massive Bosnian Family Essay was in need of a little bit of editing.

Solution: Ahmad J. and Nusaibah spent an half an hour helping Ahmed with his spelling/grammar.


Day 2


Struggle #8: Spent the whole night blogging and no one could wake up for Fajr.

Solution: May Allah forgive us.


Struggle #9: Nusaibah woke me up by calling (apparently twice) in the morning and telling me to wake up the rest of the guys.

Solution: I said okay, then hung up and went back to sleep.


Struggle #10: We left the hotel an hour late.

Solution: Nusaibah drove fast enough to get us there an hour early.


Struggle #11: There was no one at the Asheville Mosque when we arrived.

Solution: We spent the day exploring Asheville instead.


Struggle #12: We can’t find any Muslim-owned places to eat, or decide on what we want.

Solution: We eventually found a place with crepes.


Struggle #13: The GPS kept leading us to highways that were closed.

Solution: We detoured into some beautiful mountain roads. Well not really, we just found another highway. But it was still nice!


Struggle #14: Maha was freaking out about how there wasn’t any soap in the gas station restrooms.

Solution: You know, it wasn’t really a big deal to begin with.


Day 3


Struggle #15: I CAN’T EDIT THESE DUMB VIDEOS. And the pictures are taking forever to sort/upload.

Solution: Ahmad Jitan has a Mac.

(Macs still suck though)


Struggle #16: We don’t have enough beds for the guys.

Solution: Ahmed gets to sleep on the floor. Just like in Palestine apparently.


Struggle #17: The hotel room is too cold to sleep.

Solution: It turns hot as soon as I walk in, hardy har har. (We actually just turned on the heater)


Struggle #18: The GPS is still stuck on the “Avoid Highways” setting.

Solution: We park the SUV and change it.

No really, that’s it. For some reason Maha suggested this should be a struggle.


Struggle #19: There isn’t any zabiha food at Jack in the Box.

Solution: I stay winning with that grilled cheese sandwich.


Struggle #20: Our reservation for one giant room was turned into one for two separate rooms.

Solution: Maha told the hotel staff and they fixed it.

This is another one of Maha’s struggle suggestions. I should probably stop listening to her.


Struggle #21: Red stoplights are just so inconvenient. I mean you have to wait like 30 seconds sometimes!

Solution: Ahmed is colorblind, so all lights are yellow to him. And screw traffic laws, Maha isn’t falling behind.

See Tony? Told you we’d be responsible.


Day 4

Struggle # 22: Blog updates are really tiresome to work on after a long day of driving/meeting people.

Solution: Coffee.


Struggle # 23: Maha’s iPhone dropped in between the car seats while it was playing Quran verses.

Solution: None. She even dropped it again while driving. And later Rasheed stole it. Lol.


Struggle # 24: Ahmed, Ahmad, and Rasheed have been looking for a Muslim barber shop since the beginning of the trip and haven’t been able to find one.

Solution: They gave up. All’s well that ends well.


Struggle # 25: Rasheed and Danish took the Ford Expedition and drove off.

Solution: I gave those hooligans a stern wagging of my finger.


Struggle # 26: Fayetteville is disturbingly ghetto.

Solution: I refrained from making jokes or talking in offensive ghetto accents.


Struggle # 27: While driving, I saw a bloody half of a deer on the road. But I don’t like swerving the car.

Solution: A bit of a nasty squelch. On the plus side, it didn’t leave any stains.


Struggle # 28: I don’t feel like updating the struggle log tonight :/

Solution: Yo dawg I heard you like struggles so we put a struggle in your struggle so you can cringe while you cringe!


Day 5


Struggle #29: Another late night of blogging in the hotel, and there was no way we could have woken up in time for breakfast.

Solution: Afsheen stayed up till 7 AM and got us all breakfast. Mad props Afsheen. Mad props.


Struggle #30: We spent three hours driving to the beach to find it raining.

Solution: Hit up some of that spiritual reflection. Also fed, got attacked by, and prayed with a crowd of seagulls.


Struggle #31: The Nomads of NC fall break has come to a close.

Solution: It was an amazing experience. InshAllah next year will bring a new trip, new discoveries, and a new set of struggles. Thanks for reading everyone!