We will be on the road from Friday, October 7th to Tuesday, October 11th. Our trek through North Carolina will start and end in Durham, North Carolina, home of Duke MSA. Along the way we will head West to Winston-Salem, Pisgah, and Brevard to explore Islam in these areas. We will then head South to Gastonia and Charlotte, where a vibrant city and Muslim community is sure to make for exciting discoveries and discussions. Lastly we will stop by Fayetteville on our way to Beaufort for an intra-group discussion of our experiences. In all, we will get to see North Carolina’s beauty from its mountains to the ocean.

The full map and list of cities can be found below:

Day 1: Winston-Salem
Day 2: Asheville, Brevard
Day 3: Charlotte
Day 4: Fayetteville, Fort Bragg
Day 5: Beaufort