Day 3 in Quotes

“9/11 presents an opportunity to explain Islam. Sometimes Allah can make a bad situation real good.”
-Imam Khalil Akbar

“Nothing hurts me more than when I see kids disobeying their parents.”

  • Sumaya

“When I went [to Hajj], we could stick our faces in the Black Stone and take our time. Now it’s become like Muslim Vegas or something.”

“I became Muslim in the hood.”

“You could count the number of African Americans [at UF] on your fingers, and there would still be fingers left over, even if you didn’t count your thumbs as fingers.”

“I already believed everything he was explaining to me about Islam. It was like being Muslim and not even knowing you’re Muslim.”

“The biggest picture in my house growing up was Malcolm X. It was bigger than black Jesus, Rastafarian Jesus, and white Mary.”

“I got stopped by a cop for driving while black. With two white children in the backseat.”

“I wish that Muslims could understand that when we join the service, we’re not trying to kill other people. Why would I want to do that? We did good things too. We protected towns; we helped build schools and wells for locals. The main mission was to try to help Afghan civilians against the Taliban.”

“Worship has to be seen and shared in our community life….worship is expressing our religion in community life.”
-Imam Khalil Akbar

“Becoming Muslim was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Not because of fasting or prayer or any rituals. It’s because of dealing with other Muslims.”