Today was, in many ways, a vivid contrast of yesterday. Yesterday we spent the greater part of the evening either anxious about our journey or in deep reflection from the intense conversation we had with the members of the Community Mosque of Winston-Salem. Today, our anxiety about the trip was significantly lowered and we didn’t get the chance to meet with Muslims in the area, let alone hear intense stories. I could feel the frustration and disappointment from both myself and the group caused by the fact that we were essentially stood up by the contact we arranged a meeting with. However, as our day’s original plan started to unravel, I noticed a simultaneous growth in the bonds that began forming between us. Today I laughed genuine laughs, I gave in to silly games, and snacked on Funyuns until 1am—all thanks to the chill and comforting environment of the team.

I imagine that true nomads sometimes get lost. I’d like to think that they still learn something productive when they find themselves on these unexpected paths. The Nomads of North Carolina organically became lost today (further supporting the authenticity of our nomadic ways). From surfing through multiple webpages hoping to find a replacement Muslim community, to struggling in finding any possible detour to get us from Asheville to Brevard, it became clear that sticking to the game plan just wasn’t the theme of the day. Despite these struggles however, we still got the chance to device a perfect method for splitting crepes in a way that left everyone happy, come together in prayer by an unforgettable waterfall in the woods, and play pranks on each other while all 8 of us were piled into one car. As we sat in a “hotel-turned press room” late into the night answering insightful questions and figuring out how to best update the blog, I honestly felt like a new family was cultivating. I’m excited to see what the next couple of days will do to these relationships. In the meantime, us nomads should probably get to bed :/ (2:43am)