Spiritual Renaissance

After exploring the exciting and vibrant downtown life of Asheville, it was finally time to move on in our journey to Brevard, North Carolina. Unsure of what to do next, we were deciding whether to go to a corn maze or Hooker’s waterfall in DuPont State Forest. Ultimately, we chose Hooker’s waterfall, a decision no one regrets. We parked our 8-seated Ford Expedition. At this point, it was about 30 minutes before Maghrib prayer, the prayer after sunset, so we hastily made our way through the forest. Of course, being himself, Ahmed picked up a thick branch and swung it around destructively to entertain himself. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Anyways, we arrived at Hooker’s waterfall after 10 minutes of walking. Subhanallah, (Glory be to God), the scene was absolutely breath taking. The surrounding green trees and mighty waterfall made me remember the image of heaven that Allah reveals in the Qur’an. You could hear the beautiful, smooth flow of the river, which eventually turned into the powerful crashing of the waterfall. I felt at peace and in harmony with the environment and myself. Gazing at the wondrous creation of God, I could not help but veer my attention away from other worldly distractions to the present, something people today forget to do. In preparation for Maghrib prayer, we took Wudu(ablution) and physically cleaned ourselves with the water from the waterfall. Although the water was freezing cold, I felt so alive and refreshed after taking Wudu, as if my belief in God, my inner spirituality, was reborn. I was in a tranquil state, ready to pray to my Lord, my creator.